Weekly Threat Report 3rd April 2020

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

In this weeks NCSC threat report: new Covid-19 phishing scam spotted. It comes as no surprise that cybercriminals are now twisting their scams to try and take advantage of our vulnerability towards the current coronavirus situation, and they will continue to try to do so. Furthermore, cybercriminals love finding outdated, unpatched vulnerable software, which they can exploit for their malicious ends.

The NCSC is a great source of trusted and reliable information. Please take the time to familiarise yourselves with their latest guidance.

Don’t make it easy for them, and try to keep all software up to date. Lastly, 2FA should be used, wherever possible to secure accounts, as if your password is compromised, the hacker does not have your second factor, and should not be able to authenticate successfully.

Martin Wilson, Head of Cyber and Innovation at the NEBRC

Read the NCSC weekly threat report from the 3rd April 2020 here: