Which industries are most susceptible to cyber attacks in 2021?

The sad reality is that all businesses, of all sizes, across all sectors are susceptible to cyber threat.

As a result of the pandemic period, the hospitality industry is becoming increasingly prone to cyber-attacks due to increased technology and the amount of personal and financial information they hold on guests.

Healthcare may come as less of a surprise, particularly following the recent attack on Ireland’s healthcare service. The specific issue in the healthcare industry is that these organisations are underequipped and underfunded to deal with such attacks – plus they are target due to the sensitive nature of the information they store.

Like healthcare organisations, the legal sector is particularly vulnerable because of the large volume of private information stored in their systems.

Statistics show that HR & recruitment is also a highly targeted industry. Payroll fraud, recruitment scams and corporate espionage are all potential routes that cyber attackers have used to gain access to other organisations.

Manufacturing too has always been vulnerable to cyber crime since intellectual property is very valuable.

Financial organisations are perhaps more obvious targets of cyber crime. The nature of the information these firms hold makes them frequent victims of cyber attacks. These attacks can range from simple consumer-grade malware to highly organised attacks.

All businesses across all sectors should be taking the necessary measures to prevent these sorts of cyber attacks from happening. We are here to help. On our website, you can find a selection of resources tailored for organisations, as well as our FREE core membership option, which puts many of our resources right at your fingertips.

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