“Stop Relying on Back-ups in the Fight Against Ransomware”


“In 61% of ransomware attacks over the last year, attackers have used compromised access credentials to have uninterrupted access to IT environments, including back-ups. This allows them to lock up back-ups before surreptitiously removing data. This also means that organisations who rely solely on back-ups to recover from any cyberattack will need to spend weeks, or even months, in recovery mode.

With the ransomware threat increasing, it is imperative organisations understand why back-ups are no longer sufficient and recognise the need for supplementary or alternative solutions.”

The NEBRC’s Trusted Partner DigitalXRAID have produced an ebook ‘Stop Relying on Back-ups in the Fight Against Ransomware’ to educate companies on why back-ups are a continuity consideration and not a security one, and what alternative solutions businesses should be adopting to achieve a more holistic approach to cybersecurity and better protect themselves against ransomware.

To download the ebook / view more about DigitalXRAID, please visit this page: https://www.digitalxraid.com/resources/stop-relying-backups-ransomware/.