The Importance of Password Managers


Despite almost daily warnings on the risk posed by organised and sophisticated cyber attacks, many SMEs are still not taking even basic precautions to counter the threat.

A recent survey of more than 600 employees and managers found just 38% have increased their use of password managers recently, slightly less at 37% had upped their time spent on cyber security training, and only 36% had adopted new security policies. 

A lack of take up of password managers and security training among SMEs is worrying when the risks of a breach have increased significantly with the rising number of UK-based employees based at from home for at least part of their working week.

Password managers are ideal for SMEs that don’t have a full-time, dedicated IT person or security team. There are several reputable options on the market and they tick a lot of boxes in terms of affordability, resilience and offering a great first line of defence.

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