Don’t let failure to prioritise cyber security mean self-sabotage for your business 


Failing to prioritise cyber security could result in a number of consequences for your business, which could include:

➢ Your systems being blocked as part of a ransomware attack;

➢ Your IT systems being breached, with attackers accessing your systems with the potential to corrupt, edit and even delete content;

➢ Your data, including the personally identifiable information of staff and clients/customers, being stolen, impacting your organisation’s reputation and / or causing regulatory and legal problems.

The potential disruption and cost to your business following a cyber attack is of such significance that cyber security should be part of all modern business models. 

The key to preventing an attack is to understand your vulnerabilities and putting relevant and necessary systems in place. This does not need to be time or cost heavy. Our team of ethical hackers from Sheffield Hallam and Northumbria Universities can scan and review your internal networks and systems looking for vulnerabilities and suggesting appropriate strategies in line with budgets as a result.

Don’t fail to prepare. To find out more get in touch with our team at:

The NEBRC is a not for profit police led company trusted to help SME’s and sole traders identify risk and suggest solutions.