Meet Our Team

Rebecca Chapman


Rebecca is a Superintendent with 26 years policing experience across uniform and CID disciplines, both at a district level and central departments. She has a keen interest in regional collaboration and the cyber world, having worked on many collaborative projects, she has a proven track record of delivery. Rebecca is a current Firearms commander, Post Incident Manager, CBRN commander and works for the South Yorkshire Force. She is currently seconded to the North East Transformation, Innovation and collaboration (NETIC) team. Rebecca is married to a fellow officer, lives in Sheffield and has two teenage children.

Stephen Leach

Head of Business Development

Steve is a Detective Inspector with 24 years policing experience, the majority spent within CID, both at a Force and Regional level.  Steve has always had an interest in the digital and cyber world.  Prior to joining the police he graduated university with an Electronic Systems Engineering degree.  Within the police he has worked in internet investigations and managed communication data investigators, radio frequency technicians and Digital Forensic Examiners.  More recently he was part of the team that was responsible for creating the force-wide Cyber Crime Unit.  He has previous experience of force and region-wide Projects from design through implementation to delivery.  Steve is married and lives in Yorkshire with his wife and children.

Martin Wilson

Head of Student Services

Martin Wilson of Durham Constabulary has 16 years policing experience across various policing roles. Prior to joining the NEBRC, Martin was part of the North East Special Operations Unit (NERSOU). He specialised in Cyber Protect, Prevent and Prepare work streams, leading on new and innovative work, helping businesses understand and prepare for cyber-attack. Martin and his cyber teams have been recognised locally, regionally and nationally, winning awards for their crime prevention work. Martin lives in the North East with his wife and young child, and in his spare time enjoys skiing, running and reading. 

Lizzie Buckler

Customer Relations Manager

Lizzie Buckler is the Client Relations Manager for the NEBRC and is responsible for managing the delivery of the centre’s services to businesses. Lizzie is focused on building and maintaining relationships with clients and key personnel engaging with the centre. Lizzie also helps manage our talented group of ethical hacking students to deliver cyber services. Lizzie holds a BA degree in Criminology, which she obtained from Sheffield Hallam University. She is currently studying an MSc in Criminology and International Security.


Lizzie was initially seconded from South Yorkshire Police as part of the Project Team to coordinate and support the implementation of the NEBRC.  Lizzie is now responsible for operations delivered by the centre.

Lizzie lives near Sheffield and likes to spend her spare time in the gym.

Jane Beal

Digital Marketing and Admin Assistant


Jane is the digital marketing and admin assistant for the NEBRC. She has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Hull and is currently studying a Master’s degree at the University of Sheffield. Jane also has experience in website creation and management, blogging, and social media content and engagement. Through her role in the NEBRC, she uses her experience and creative mindset to create engaging content for members as well as maintaining the website and performing general admin duties. Jane lives and studies close to Sheffield and spends her spare time outdoors, with her partner or doing one of her many hobbies.