Watch Out!


Consumers are being asked to be extra vigilant against text and email messages from a fake UPS site that’s attempting to harvest personal and financial information in the scam.

The email claims to come from international carriers UPS which states there is a parcel waiting for you at the Post Office, but the address is incorrect. They ask that the recipient click on a link to correct their address details and pay a £2 “fee” for another delivery.

If you do receive one of these emails or a text you can report it for free. Suspicious emails should be forwarded to The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) will then investigate. For text messages, forward these to 7726.  Then block the number and delete the message immediately.

The NEBRC was set up as part of a national network to protect businesses across the region from cyber crime. We work with a team of cyber specialists and ethical hackers to provide vulnerability assessments, security awareness training, and other key services to educate and support organisations on cyber security.

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