Who’s Watching Your Business?


How to best manage the growing issue of cyber crime 

Today, with the advantages that technology gives us in terms of organisation, efficiency and effectiveness, most businesses are dependent on online technology for managing communication;storing files and accessing finance.

But with that comes associated risks, including cyber attack and data privacy. 

Indeed, the past two years have seen the highest level of cyber attacks against UK firms on record, with recent statistics from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) revealingthat 31% of businesses and 26% of charity organisations are now experiencing incidents on a weekly basis.

The data, contained in the annual Cyber security breaches survey  paints a stark picture of the threat facing the average UK business, and the urgent need to boost basic standards and defences.

There is no question that cyber security needs to be a priority for any business regardless of size, sector, or resources available – but cyber security can be a complicated and complex environment – so where do you start? 

The North East Business Resilience Centre (NEBRC) was established as part of a national network 

to provide support and guidance to businesses regarding risk and fraud. An impartial, not-for-profit organisation the NEBRC is police-led and resourced.

Commenting on the role the organisation plays, NEBRC Director Rebecca Chapman says: “As a team we work with the best cyber agencies and consultants from across the UK to demystify the jargon, offering access to national intelligence data, free guidance and affordable practical help to increase online protection.”

One such expert partner is Sheffield based TecSec, leaders in their field in providing tailored risk and IT management. 

Morton Bell, MD of TecSec, comments, “In its infancy, the NEBRC put together a strong team of motivated individuals with the aim of making a real difference in terms of IT security and best practice for SMEs in the region. So, when we were approached and offered the opportunity to join them from the outset to help steer and provide services, we were delighted to be able to help. The objectives of the NEBRC neatly dovetail with everything that we at TecSec stand for.

“Today, the NEBRC and wider Resilience Centres across the UK offer businesses an informed and trusted signposting service to support their understanding and business risk management and we are proud to be part of that selected practitioner team, working to improve business resilience across our region and beyond. 

“Regardless of where you work and what sector you are involved in, adopting strong cyber security measures and understanding the risks that your business may face, to help avoid falling victim to criminals, is a vital part of any business plan – and could indeed be the best investment you ever make.”

Alongside the expert partners at the NEBRC a talented team of ‘ethical hackers’ from Sheffield Hallam and Northumbria Universities offer businesses a variety of affordable services, including vulnerability assessments and security awareness training.

Want to find out moreand how the NEBRC and expert teams can support your risk management plans? Email us at enquiries@nebrcentre.co.uk to claim a free membership package for your business and exclusive offers for Sheffield Chamber members. 

Make sure you and your team are cyber awaremake it your business to stay safe.